Speed Gate A608

Speed Gate A608
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Speed Gates

Model: A608


The Speed Gates continues to be one of GS most popular and sought after speed gate products. The award winning Speed Gates design can be placed in any environment where barrier deterrence and fast throughput are number one priorities. The Speed Gates can be designed in a wide variety of finishes such as stainless steel, brass, marble, and granite. Originally designed for Mass Transit applications, the Speed Gates is anything but a metro turnstile.

Manufactured in either ADA compliant or standard sized housings, the Speed Gates offers unsurpassed throughput while ensuring unauthorized users are kept out of secure spaces. The Speed Gates incorporates 25 years of tested optical technology with normally closed angel-wing barriers that retract in and out of the turnstile housings. Safety beams and torque sensing are added precautions that make the Speed Gates safe for public use.

Custom options such as housing finishes and design, along with access control reader integration (prox, biometric, visitor management, etc.) make this product a great solution where speed of throughput, security, and design are required.

With the integration of a touchscreen or pushbutton controller, remote locations are provided with everything needed to fully tailor, control, and optimize the speed gates to meet their specific site requirements.










Painted polyurethane to RAL color of   customer’s choice

Wing Housing

Painted steel finished to match front and top


#4 grained stainless steel


12mm   hardened clear   acrylic

Drive Mechanism

The wings are moved by mechanical arms. The   arms are rotated by a torque shaft connected to

the drive unit. The drive unit is a DC motor working in conjunction with   a bi-directional encoder. A

microprocessor control system guarantees the   precise movement and positioning of the wings.


Passage in both directions   electronically controlled. Default mode is Normally Closed (NC), and lane

will open only upon acceptance of an   authorized signal.

Sensor Direction

Provided through infrared sensors.


On receiving a signal from the access control   sytem or push button, the wings open. If an

unauthorized   person tries to tailgate or enter from the opposite direction, the system   detects the

unauthorized passage and activates the   built-in alarm system.

Fire Alarm

Input facility, for voltage-free contact   supplied by others to effect fail state.

Power Supply

110-220VAC 50/60Hz. In the event of a power failure,   the wings will drive to the open position.

Logic Voltage


Battery Backup

On power failure, the battery backup will   allow the wings to open (or close), stop, and become

inactive. The wings will remain in this   position until power is restored.

Flow Rates

30 single users per minute, 45 multiple users per minute (approximate   figures).

Approx. Weight


Layout Diagram

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Installation Images

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