Security Road Blocker GS112

Security Road Blocker GS112
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Hydraulic Road Blocker System


GS high quality road blocker system provides a high level of anti ram protection, and are installed on high security premises such as banks, embassies, depots, cargo parks, ports and lorry parks. Our road blocker systems are available in a range of lift heights including 350mm, 500mm & 800mm and is manufactured in widths up to 6000mm.

The housing and the blocking element of the road block system are designed in full core steel profile construction. The type has to absorb a static impact load of 400 – 500 kN. This covers the impact  load of a vehicle weighting 10 tons travelling at a speed of 50 km/h.

road blocker system

100% Duty Cycle road blocker system

Model: GS112

100% duty cylce - designed for continuous and frequent use. Power is supplied from a three phase 380V power supply as standard. 

GS Road Blocker can be interfaced to any access control systems. Traffic Light System included as optional. It is recommended that the road blocker system's hydraulic control cabinet is installed within 10metres of the blocker.

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Product NameHydraulic Road Blocker System GS112
Driven TechnologyElectromechanical-hydraulic 
ControlPLC Controlled

Suitable with all types of access control system

Duty Rated100% heavy duty rated
ThicknessHeavy duty 10mm thick Durbar
Power Consumption3.7KW-5.5KW
Power Supply220V-380V-410V Optional
Passing Pressure80T Container Truck
Lifting Time2-5S (adjustment)
Falling Time2-5S (adjustment)
Emergency Manual OverrideIn case of power failure
CommunicationRS485≤1200M( access control system)
Rising height350-800mm
Working temperature20℃---75℃
Storage environment 0℃--- 55℃, water-proof,damp-proof and dust-proof

Blocking Element

Which can be raised, constructed of a segmental arch with an integrated anti-deflection device for better visibility. It is electro-hydraulically operated by heavy-duty high pressure hydraulic cylinders (two-way-acting) with an electric motor of adequate size (230/400 V, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase current) comprising of motor, pump, tank, solenoid valve blocks incl. safety non-return valves, lockable main switch, hand pump for emergency operation in case of long-lasting power failure.

Electro-Hydraulic Compact Drive Unit

(100% duty cycle) IP 55, insulation class F as well as the electrical PLC-control (IP 65), completely prewired is installed separately in a weather-proof lockable steel cabinet for outdoor installation on a concrete plinth (max. 20 m distance from road block, 20 m long high pressure hydraulic hoses are included within scope of supply).

Cover Plates

The cover plates of the blocking element are made of heavy-duty checkered steel plates (with man- hole for maintenance purposes) allowing the passage of even the heaviest trucks allowed in public traffic (10 tons vertical wheel load, according to DIN 1072, bridge class SLW 60).

Substructure-Assembly Unit

It is manufactured of an all-around welded completely closed steel casing with connection sleeves at the backside for the hydraulic hoses and electrical cables.

At the lowest point there are 2 nos of drainage holes NW 100 with sleeves for the connection of the drainage system on site.

This underground steel casing has the advantage for better maintenance and cleaning purposes as well as reduction of foundation costs.

Functional sequence

1.power operatedraising of blocking element approx. 4 - 5 sec. (adjustable), up to 475 mm above road level lowering of blocking segment approx. 3 - 4 sec.

2.manually operated raising of blocking element by hand pump in approx. 50 double strokes (approx. 80 sec.) 475 mm above road level, lowering of blocking element by hand pump in approx. 10 double strokes, then lowering by its own weight (approx. 20 sec.) flush with road level.

Operating Equipment

1 no.push-button set „Up-Stop-Down“ (box-type) to be located in the guard house or similar (standard feature)

Long-Term Corrosion Protection:

All steel parts of the road blocker are especially galvanized and painted

Colour:Front of blocking segment: black/yellow (RAL 9005/RAL1023) Checkered top plates: grey RAL 7030

All other parts: grey RAL 7030 (inside and outside) Other colours according RAL- chart upon request

Hydraulic Road Blocker Layout


Road Blocker Installation Layout.png

Hydraulic Road Blocker Installation

road blocker installation construction drawing.png-_07.png