Automatic Smart Card Collector Machine

Automatic Smart Card Collector Machine
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Automatic Smart Card Collector Machine 


What's the smart card collector?

 GCR615 series card collectors are designed and produced on industrial standard. It is mainly used for toll system of car parks, and also widely used for access barriers system. It reserved the reader antenna installation location, with options to quit cards and callback cards automatically if overtime.

 GCR615 card collecting machine is made of high-intensity and anticorrosive materials according to industry-standard design and production. This machine is aimed at the automatic tellers specifically for performance management system. This machine has the reader antenna and card recycling and recovery of overtime card functions, to prevent misuse with the card function.

What's your smart card collector machine specification?

  • Industrial design, good resistance to abrasion and corrosion,fit for high and low temperature environments

  • Directly connect to the inductance signal to achievement cards’ collection when car is coming

  • The function of preventing a mistake to collect when followed card: insert the second card when collector don’t finish the first one , the machine can collect the card one by one

  • Provide RS232/RS485 or I / O voltage two control interfaces

  • Die-wide production ensure the products’ quality and consistency

What's your smart card collector machine specification?

  • Operating voltage:24VDC(Max current 2A,static current0.1A)

  • Operating temperature: -30℃-85℃

  • Operating relative humidity: 30—90%

  • Used condition: install in bin

  • Card collecting speed: about 2s

  • Card material:paper or polyester cards

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What's your smart card collector installation look like?

Card Collector TCR615-5 for parking management system.png


How to load the cards for your smart card collect machine?

In order to fill the cartridge with cards, the following steps must be followed:

  • Remove power from the unit.

  • Remove the card weight form the cartridge.

  • Place a small amount (3cards) over the empty micro-switch in the unit, inuring that the cards are situated firmly on the surface under the card adjust plate.

  • Place the remainder of the cards on top of the 3cards that were initially placed in the unit.

  • Replace the card weight on top of the cards in the unit.

  • Restore power to the unit.

How to maintenance your smart card collector machine?

1) .Control circuitry must be arranged to disconnect power to the mechanism when the host machine/cabinet is opened for servicing.

 2). Overcorrect protection to the mechanism must be provided by the host machine.

 3). Servicing and maintenance staff must be adequately trained and aware of the hazards presented by the rollers and drive belts. The motor drives through a reduction gear creating sufficient torque to trap fingers, hair and clothing of the unwary.

 4). Never hold the dispenser by the cartridge alone as it could become detached, allowing the mechanism to fall causing possible injury or damage.

 5). Avoid the inclusion of foreign objects such as tape, rubber bands and wire as these could cause the machine to jam.

 6). Keep mechanism clear of contaminants. Oily adhesive substances will seriously affect the performance of the dispenser. 

7). Calibration details are recorded on the side of the dispenser as a digital reference (in fractions of a millimeter) to denote the card thickness. Recalibration should not be carried out by untrained personnel.

 8). Ensure electrical interface connections are in accordance with values detailed in section 1.6 as excess voltage or current will damage the motor or control circuitry.

 9). Routine maintenance should be undertaken every 2 months or 10,000 operations whichever is the sooner:

 10). Wipe the surface of the clutch roller (at the base of the card stack) with an alcohol-impregnated cloth or pad.

 11). Clean dust from the opt-sensor (mounted at the front of the mechanism below the payout point) with a small brush or suitable aerosol duster.

 12).Check the drive belts for wear and adjustment (1-2mm deflection when light pressure is applied to the longest edge).

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