Desktop Explosive Trace Detector GS600

Desktop Explosive Trace Detector GS600
Product Details

Desktop Explosives Trace Detectors

Model: GS3300

Explosives Trace Detections Defination

Explosives trace detectors (ETD) are explosive detection equipment able to detect explosives of small magnitude. The detection is accomplished by sampling non-visible "trace" amounts of particulates. Devices similar to ETDs are also used to detect narcotics. The equipment is used mainly in airports and other vulnerable areas considered susceptible to acts of unlawful interference.

Ion mobility spectrometry Technology

GS Explosive detection using ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) is based on velocities of ions in a uniform electric field. Ion trap mobility spectrometry (ITMS) which is based on IMS principle. The sensitivity of devices using this technology is limited to pg levels. The technology also requires the ionization of sample explosives which is accomplished by a radioactive source such as nickel-63 or americium-241. Our explosive trace detectors offer hand-held and real-time capabilities with fast, accurate, reliable detection and specific identification of threat materials, whether in vapor or particulate form. Lightweight and ergonomic, with a user-friendly interface and unique innovative design features, it is easy to learn, use, and maintain. And with fewer consumables, minimal maintenance and parts replacement, and greater uptime, the total cost of ownership is extremely low, making it a great value and excellent choice for your trace detection needs.

Desktop Explosve Trace Detector highlights

*Fast indentify speed and accurate resultHigh sensitivity: can detect at least 100 Nanogram powder, including fireworks and civil homemade explosives.

*High speed indentify *Built-in thermal printer

*USB port and Network interface

*Extremely high sensitivity: can reach 100 Nanogram level 

*10 inch TFT touch screen in color display

*Friendly operation software

*Advanced migration tube ensures high resolution *Automatically cleaning system can prevent inject pollution *Renewable gas purification system

*Data open to user, can add new explosive *Built-in printer can print test result at any time *Dipstick can be reused

*Support network control and transfer *Unlimited storage, USB port to output the data *Fashionable design

*Light weight: less than 15kg

*Size: 400mm(L)*380mm(W)*180mm(H)

Desktop Explosive Trace Detector Datasheet

General Specifications


Explosives identify

A variety of military , civilian , and homemade explosives: Black Powder, AN, TNT, DNT, Tetry, PETN, Gun Power, NG, RDX, fireworks, C4 etc.


dipstick tracking trace particles


open to user, can add new type explosive


Sound / light

Sensitivity Mix:

Nanogram explosives, even pictogram sulfur

Sensitivity limit

Identify speed

< 8 seconds

Warm-up time

20 minutes

False alarm rate

≤ 1%


10 inch TFT color touch screen


< 150W


AC187-260V 50/60Hz

Operating temperature

-10°C 55°C