Parking Barrier PB001

Parking Barrier PB001
Product Details

Parking Barrier

Model: PB001

Product Description

The GS car park barrier gate has designed a idea barrier dedicated to any site's car park and road entry points., here reiabiity, endurance and the correct technoogy to manage major vehice fows is essentia.

The compete drive system is attached to the barrier housing as a singe unit, and can easiy be removed from the housing by removing the mounting screws.A buit in spring mechanism provides a precise counterbaance for the barrier boom. The springs are factory set to correspond with the boom ength prior to deivery. If necessary, the springs can be easiy reset in situ during assemby, for exampe if the barrier boom is shortened or if signs are attached to the boom

Technica Parameters

 Maximum boom ength:         3000mm-6000mm

 Opening and cosing time:        3.0-5.0S

 Suppy Votage:                 220V/230V

 Frequency:                     50/60 Hz

 Power consumption:              60W

 Rated rotary speed:               30 r/min  

 ife cyce:                      ≥5.5 miion times

 Operation Noise:                  ≤60dB

 Housing: width:                   350 mm

 Depth:                           350 mm

 Height:                          1010mm

 Weight not incuding barrier boom:    55kg

 Ambient Temperature:              -40ºC~+75ºC

 Reative Humidity:                 50%~90%

 Atmospheric Pressure:              86Kpa~106 Kpa


  •  Adopts speciay-designed AC220V AC motor. The maintenance-free motor is empoyed which might be stopped at any position and no damage wi be caused.

  •  Simpe design: utiizing crank connecting-rod to reduce mechanica faiure with the characteristics of ow noise, no poution and maintenance free.

  •  Magnetic-sensing imit switch: controed by ow votage DC, safe and reiabe, more accurate.

  •  Barriers with long boom have specia manua operation and automatic opening device when power off.

  •  Specia blance mechanism to ensure the opening verticay and cosing horizontay, smoothy, and eiminating the phenomenon of pausing during opening/cosing and too fast by non-constant veocity running.

  •  Barrier cases are powder coated by high cass paint with uvioresistant function, and the coor wi not fade in sunshine.

  •  The barrier boom is made of high strength auminum aoy tube covered with ight-refecting materia to warn the driver. Warning fowing tube can be appied on the boom and aso appy foam or anti-bumping mechanism to avoid knocking and bumping down on the vehices. The boom is normay fixed with the barrier, but anti-coision type (the boom wi eject out of the boom bracket after being coided) is avaiabe.

  •  The motor has therma protection function. It wi power off automaticay when the motor temperature is over 135℃, so the motor wi not be burnt easiy.

  •  The life cyce is over 5.5 miion times.